i-Lien Multi State

$175.00 every year

  • One Year Subscription
  • Automatically Renews
  • Unlimited number of jobs
  • Multiple Companies
  • One Version
  • One Price- All Inclusive – Per User
  • Limited time only!


i-Lien Multi State

i-Lien Multi State is a Construction Lien Notices & Mechanic’s Lien database software, easy to use and developed to simplify the task of preparing, mailing and tracking an unlimited number of Preliminary Notices to Owner, Releases and Mechanic’s Liens for Private, Federal and Public jobs in all 50 USA States.

Features and Benefits

  • All inclusive software of all Mechanic’s Lien forms for all 50 USA States.
  • Single Computer or Local Area Network: This version is designed as a single computer installation or with multiple users on a local area network (LAN). You must get the numbers of additional user licenses needed to operate i-Lien on a network.  In addition, it is recommended that you add the Installation fee for Web and Telephone assistance at check-out.
  • Easy to complete data entry screens for the Customer, Project Description, Owner, Contractor and Lender with a complete database to maintain records for those companies and persons, to select from for the next job.
  • Print menu for forms, starting with the Preliminary Notice to Owner, first document to establish Lien Rights.
  • Print Releases, Lien Warning Notices, Mechanic’s Lien forms ready to be filed and notirized.
  • Automatically assign certified number.
  • Print reports.
  • Track jobs in a color coordinate screen based on different filters.
  • And More!
  • Small software investment to protect your income and livelihood.


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