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    i-Lien is one of multiple software products of Golden Omega. The company was established in 1988, at first to serve the Mortgage Industry with loan accounting, trust accounting and loan document preparation software for privately held mortgage companies. We saw the need to offer software and protect contractor’s income by providing them with much needed legal software for mechanic’s liens, while utilizing our experience and knowledge in legal loan documents. So, Golden Omega expanded to provide software for the Mechanic’s Construction Lien process, specifically easy to use software and designed for Contractors, Material Suppliers, Construction Equipment Rental, Labor Providers and Professional Services in the Construction Industry for all 50 US States.

    Our brand has become our customers’ brand. One that makes us proud because we treat our clients as people and as friends in the business and not just another customer. It is those Preliminary Notices to the Owner that establish your legal rights to get paid and protect your income. i-Lien: Software for Mechanic’s Liens, when experience in creating legal forms counts.

    Our Mission

    My Mission, as an entrepreneur, is to empower men and women in the construction area. While often women may work in a back-office (because we are good at it), it is that back-office of a construction company that I would like to support, while protecting the income of the front-runner of the construction company.
    My name is Timi Pereira and I started this software business to assist individuals and companies achieve a higher level of automation, while providing software for construction liens, releases and mechanic’ s lien forms.
    Those forms for Preliminary Notices to Owner, Lien Warning Notices, Construction Lien Releases and Mechanic’s Lien documents for all 50 States, when properly and timely provided, protect your income stream as a contractor in any segment of the construction industry.
    The software developed by my company, I named it i-Lien and it is designed to simplify the tedious requirements of creating the mechanic’s lien forms. Behind the scenes, i-Lien is sophisticated but for the End-user, for you, the idea is simple: just a few easy to follow data entry screens and with a mouse click on the button on the screen, i-Lien prints to your printer the appropriate Preliminary Notice to Owner form for the job in that particular State. The process of establishing and protecting your Lien Rights, as a contractor, sub-contractor, material building supplier, professional or construction labor provided on the job, just got started. Next, typically is mailing out the forms via certified return receipt, for proof of service. But the program does not stop there. I-Lien even provides the form to use for the Post Office, she tracks and maintains a database of your customers and much more.
    Take i-Lien for a ride. She awaits you and I stand as a column to support you in the years to come in your own journey of time.

    Who We Serve

    We are a team of dedicated professionals serving the construction industry by providing Windows based software for Construction Lien Notices and more specifically Preliminary Notices, Construction Lien Releases, Lien Warning Notices and Mechanic’s Lien documents for all 50 US States.
    Easy to use software for all segments of the construction industry for general contractors, sub-contractors, building materials suppliers, professional services, construction labor providers, architectural and design companies.

    Features and Benefits

    Construction i-Lien Notices & Mechanic’s Lien Software

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